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Raymond T. Shelton


Career wise, I worked at the top levels of the entertainment and live event industries for over twenty-five years. While it certainly had its many high points and exciting opportunities, the grind ultimately took its toll. I needed to make a change and recovery coaching became the logical choice. I feel I’ve found my life’s purpose in empowering others to lead a more meaningful life - a life truly worth living.

Other things you should know about me: I'm funny, and I believe that humor and irreverence are essential components of a life lived happily in recovery. Because I feel compelled to meaningfully help others, I work most effectively with people who are committed to changing and building their own lives in recovery and whose goals benefit themselves, while also making a positive impact in the lives of others. (But, to be clear, I don’t levitate in the lotus position, so I don't expect that of you, either!)  I’m not a psychiatrist, a therapist, or a guru - just another person in recovery with considerable experience, strength and hope to share -  however, I do value depth and vulnerability and recognize their potency in the recovery process, so expect me to be candid about my own experience and dig deeply into what inspires and blocks you without judging or trying to "fix" you.


A native Texan, I’ve lived in New Orleans, North Carolina, New York City, Dallas, and currently make Denver my home; however, I'm available to work with you no matter where you currently are in the world. I’m an avid culture vulture, so I never miss an opportunity to see live theatre, attend concerts, see the latest films, or binge-watch a good television series. I have a colorful past but no tattoos to show for it, which makes me a bit of an anomaly these days.

So... are you ready for the greatest adventure of your life? My bags are packed, waiting by the door, and I’m ready to go along with you to wherever your road leads.


  • Peer Recovery Specialist

  • Recovery Support Peer Specialist

  • Internationally Certified Peer Specialist

  • Mindfulness in Recovery® Facilitator

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