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Service Description

A Recovery Companion is appropriate for individuals who are more comfortable with constant supervision. A recovery companion resides at your home or other appropriate location of your choosing 24/7 for a week, a month, or whatever time you deem necessary. I assist you in planning and creating a maintainable, consistent, and healthy lifestyle designed to your specific needs. I stand strong beside you in those fragile first days or weeks and support you through the struggles of early recovery. I am available nationally and internationally in a timely manner. Recovery Companion services can include: • Support you during the first days of returning home from treatment • Assist you with reintegration into productive society • Facilitate reintroduction to your family post-discharge • Help prepare your living space for healthy living • Accompany you to all relevant clinical, medical, and other important appointments • Provide you with support when resuming work or career • Recommend available resources to develop a network of positive people who will support your recovery • Introduce a daily meditation practice and mindfulness skills to better utilize your tools of recovery • Talk you through concerns and challenges as they are occurring • Assist with finding local service providers for continuing care • Help you build executive functioning skills • Mirror and encourage actions and behaviors that build self-confidence Call or email me today to schedule your 30 minute initial consultation with me at no cost.

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